It’s summer: At your feet, get set, relax!

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It’s summer: At your feet, get set, relax!

The heat is in full swing, flip flops, sandals and barefoot are finally out. But are your feet really ready to be exposed?

Out of sight, out of mind… The winter season followed by confinement may have resulted in a relaxation in the care given to our feet. Dead skin, cuticles or calluses have gained ground, so much so that at the call of the cicadas and the good weather, it is ultimately not good to put a toe outside.

Need a simple and effective solution to find baby feet?

Recognized for its virtues in the treatment of dead skin problems, celandine will allow you to quickly find soft and smooth feet. Thanks to its natural repairing lotions and creams , MARLAY COSMETICS puts these virtues within your reach.
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