Health crisis, what consequences for cosmetics?

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Health crisis, what consequences for cosmetics?

Forced confinement and fear of contamination

The first impact of the COVID crisis is logically linked to the long period of confinement which has imposed itself in France as in many countries in the world. Unable to go to our usual living room, we had to learn to do it ourselves, at home.

This strong trend continues despite the deconfinement and after the first rush at the hairdresser, many continue to favor home solutions rather than going to an institute.

Slow Cosmetics, Clean Beauty, Safe Beauty, what’s next?

Another trend reinforced by the health crisis is sensitivity to the origin and quality of products.
The globalized economic model is questioned by the current situation. Proximity and quality are once again becoming criteria for choice and purchase.
This trend amplifies the movement, already underway in cosmetics, towards products that are more respectful of the environment.

Marlay, ahead of his time?

MARLAY COSMETICS products have long met these two expectations.
Formulated with organic and natural ingredients, Marlay Celandine Lotion and Marlay Repair Cream offer a gentle and natural solution to treat problems with cuticles, corns, calluses and other dead skin.
Carried out at home, these treatments will give you results worthy of working in an institute.

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