Foot care tips against dead skin

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Foot care tips against dead skin

It will come as no surprise to anyone, at Marlay, we feel a particular attachment to the feet and hands. Better, we pamper them.

With the arrival of spring, bare feet will soon make their triumphant return. And for the occasion, Marlay has decided to present her few tips for having pretty well-groomed feet.

Taking care of your feet starts with massaging them. Ten seconds are enough. Be generous in your gestures, without hesitating to pull your toes, to press relatively hard. This massage, to be combined with a moisturizer, is an essential step because it allows you to take care of the fat pads.

As a moisturizer, you have to choose a specific, intense product, because the skin of the feet is rather very thick. Peau Neuve Marlay cream can fulfill this role very well thanks to its active ingredients that deeply moisturize and nourish.

After the massage, comes the very important step of exfoliation. When we erase the feet, we must hydrate them with water at the same time. On the other hand, we avoid at all costs the grater or the pumice stone which are aggressive methods.
Indeed, the use of these abrasive methods provokes a defense mechanism of the skin which will then produce excess keratin.

To optimize the maintenance of the feet, covering them with talc can be an additional solution. The talc prevents the toes from sticking together and therefore protects against compression. Finally, to finish freeing the joint mechanics, the practice of palpating and rolling is highly recommended. Especially if the practice targets the toe joints.

Show pretty feet in the spring, you will understand, it takes preparation!